The Scholars of Finance Symposium is an annual event connecting students and executives to inspire leadership and integrity among the finance leaders of tomorrow


Since its inception in 2015, the Symposium has brought together over 80 leaders in the Twin Cities finance community and over 400 students together for 3 nights of formal networking, dinner, and learning from C-Suite level panelists. The Symposium is hosted in alternating fashion between the Carlson and Opus schools. 

Students are from the University of Minnesota's Carlson School of Management or University of St. Thomas' Opus College of Business. Students should be motivated and prepared for an opportunity to connect with successful professionals in a unique setting. 

Panelists are chosen for their experience, success, character, and helpfulness to finance students. Panelists participate in a discussion on stage prior to dinner and then join students at their tables for the meal. 

Professionals and faculty with extensive experience and knowledge, as well as a willingness to share advice and create a friendly and encouraging atmosphere.

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A Night of Mentorship

The goal of each Symposium is to serve students by connecting them with leaders in the finance community. Each finance executive is seated at a table of 6 to 8 students and has the unique opportunity to help educate and mentor students for an evening. Students time and again have experienced valuable exposure and gained insight related to on the job experience, how to have a successful financial career, and how to be an ethical financial leader in the dynamic business world today. 

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Student Testimonials - What about the Symposium did you enjoy most or find most valuable?

"The environment of open conversation about ethical issues and integrity was refreshing and valuable."

"Getting to have the time to have a full conversation with executives from such prominent local businesses and to learn from their experience was extremely valuable."

"The SVP at my table had a lot of insight for me as I start my career at US Bank."

"The time to talk at the beginning of the event was the most productive networking time, and the panel speakers were, not surprisingly, awesome."


Symposium III - Vintage 2017

Symposium II - Vintage 2016

Symposium I - Vintage 2015

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